By Ben Freda – For Abington Journal

CLARKS GREEN — Parishioners at Clarks Green Assembly of God worked hard since the second week of January to put on a show, one that reveals the true meaning of Easter – Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. It was a musical re-telling called “SONrise,” an Easter drama. The church welcomed many people to see first hand the story of Jesus come to life.

“I’m glad a lot of people came out to see it,” said Logan Sauls, who played King Herod and the Apostle James.

Sauls has been playing James for three years and Herod for two.

SONrise has always been a big production using costumes, theatrical lighting, and music. Popular songs included The Prayer, which was sung by Bruce Leach, who played Apostle John and Raquel Roedan, who played a servant. There were also songs written by the production’s writer/director Linda Corey. She paraphrased the Bible to capture the life of Jesus and write into a play, which started with John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and ended with Jesus’ resurrection. Her portrayal included Jesus’ miracles and teachings.

“God and I wrote the story,” she said. “God has touched the people in the cast.”

Corey also played Jesus’ mother Mary and Jesus was played by her son Sam. Sam did research to portray what Jesus went through in his life standing up to Jewish leaders.

“It’s very humbling to play Jesus,” he said. “It made me do the research. Jesus was a man with passion and compassion. He wasn’t just a gentle Jesus. He was there to confront the leadership of the time.”

Sam’s brother Des Jr. played Jesus’ betrayer Judas. Their father Des Sr. played Apostle Peter.

“We did exactly what we wanted to do,” Des Corey Sr. said. “Represent Christ’s life through his crucifixion and resurrection.”

This year’s production had a different twist to it as the audience was involved. As people walked in to see the play, they were given palms. During the scene in which Jesus enters Jerusalem, the audience waved the palms in the air.

“The crowd was very responsive, which made it interactive,” said Dan Miller, pastor of Clarks Green Assembly of God. It made all the hours (of rehearsals) worthwhile.”

Clarks Green Assembly of God has been performing “SONrise” An Easter Drama for four or five years, always on the Friday and Saturday before Palm Sunday. Because of the large crowds, a third performance may be added next year.