A love for music has always been a part of Denise’s heart, beginning at the age of 2, when she sat at the piano to figure out a song. During her formative years, Denise led worship at New Life Community Church, where her father Dennis Madeira served as Pastor. She was also called upon to minister at other venues with her 3 brothers, as The Madeira Gospel Singers. It was over the piano at her father’s church that she & Michael met for the first time.

By this time, Michael (now in his mid-20s) was already a music veteran, having won 1st place in a national songwriting competition at age 15, and as a member of a popular rock band thatwould go on to have a national top 10 hit. Under the Holy Spirit’s conviction, Michael eventually left that band – devoting his musical abilities exclusively for the Lord’s purposes. The couple married in 1992.

Michael and Denise have since served as worship leaders in NEPA for nearly 17 years. During this time, Michael began teaching Worship Team Seminars and eventually founded NOIZ! Youth Worship Camp. Together with Denise, they founded the A.W.E. Band – a Christian Contemporary recording act, best known for their Pro-Life anthem “Curse of Blood.”

Denise holds a degree in Communications with a minor in Music and is a piano instructor in both the Dallas & Clarks Summit areas. She also hosts the weekly radio program ‘In Your Presence,’ heard Saturday & Sunday evenings on WRGN Christian Radio – and was a homeschooling mother to her 3 children.

Since August, 2014, the couple have served jointly as Worship Pastors here at CGA – with Denise as primary worship leader and Michael directing the team, musically. Denise adds “It is my heart’s cry to see the church of Jesus Christ praise & worship their Creator with all that is within them… to see strongholds broken, the captives released, and the Spirit of God move mightily in the world through the complete yielding of believers.”
Michael & Denise are the parents of 3 beautiful daughters, an incredible son-in-law, and the proud grandparents of 3 grandchildren.